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How to Create 3 Idea Pins in Less Than 1 Hour {Video}

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How to Create 3 Idea Pins in Less Than 1 Hour

Creating Idea Pins can be time consuming and tedious! Use these time-saving tips to help you create more Idea Pins in less time. We’ll cover how you can make multiple Idea Pins from one key topic to save you time and brain space. This tutorial will take no more than 15 minutes and you’ll walk away with an efficient system for Idea Pin creation.

What we cover in this video:  

  • How to use your mobile phone to create Idea Pins quickly
  • A walk through of an account specialist's process for creating 3 types of Idea Pins using
    • Static image slides
    • Video slides
    • Video and static image slides combined
  • Time management tips
  • How to streamline your process to get Idea Pins done quickly without losing quality

This tutorial is packed with Idea Pin creation tips and tricks. If you want to tag your products in your Idea Pins be sure to create your Idea Pins on mobile! Bonus pdf with Idea Pin best practices included and more!

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to know how to use Pinterest for business or will this work for beginners?

We definitely recommend some Pinterest marketing experience. If you feel somewhat comfortable on Pinterest and have a business account, you should be ready for our workshops. 

Do I have to have a website?

No, you can use Idea Pins on Pinterest without having a website. Although we highly recommend you have one. 

 **Please Note: This video was previously offered to Simple Pin Media Collective members. If you've already accessed this content, watch for other options coming soon.

This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.

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